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Basics of Web Design
HTML5 & CSS3 Third Edition

Chapter 8 – More on Links, Layout, and Mobile

Now that you've had some experience coding HTML and CSS you're ready to explore the topics in this chapter, including relative hyperlinks and named fragment hyperlinks, captioning a figure, more new HTML5 structural elements, ensuring compatibility with older browsers, styling for print, styling for mobile browsers, and responsive web design techniques as you configure CSS3 media queries to target mobile devices. Resource websites and chapter links are listed below.

Design for the Mobile Web

Responsive Web Design and CSS Media Queries

Designing for the Mobile Web

Quick Browser Tools for Testing RWD & Media Queries

Testing Mobile Display

Mobile First Approach

Responsive Images

Responsive Images and the New Picture Element

Exploring CSS3 & HTML5

Adobe's new resource site,, showcases new HTML5 & CSS3 coding techniques, including CSS3 Animations, CSS3 Media Queries, HTML5 Canvas, Web Storage, and more! The site is organized by coding techniques, called "features" by Adobe — and provides for each feature with an overview, examples, browser support chart, detection and fallback strategies, and list of related Adobe technologies.

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Review Games

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HTML5 Resources

CSS Resources


Explore Modernizr, a free open-source JavaScript library that enables backward compatibility for HTML5 & CSS3 in older browsers.

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