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Basics of Web Design

The NEW 6th Edition

Basics of Web Design Cover
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The new 6th edition of the popular Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS textbook is available.

The 6th edition builds on the popular 5th edition with expanded treatment of CSS Flexbox Layout and CSS Grid Layout and updates throughout.

Updates for the 6th edition include:

  • Additional Hands-On Practice exercises
  • Updated code samples
  • Updated case studies
  • Updated web resources case studies
  • Updates for HTML5 elements and attributes
  • Updates for CSS properties
  • Expanded treatment of page layout design and responsive web design techniques
  • Expanded treatment of CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout systems
  • Using Fragment Identifiers to create a Single Page Website
  • Expanded treatment of WebP images
  • Expanded coverage of img element techniques, including lazy loading
  • Updated reference section for HTML5
  • Updated reference section for CSS

    Basics of Web Design 6th Edition Table of Contents (PDF)

The 5th Edition

Basics of Web Design Cover
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The 5th edition of the popular Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS textbook was released in 2019. The 5th edition includes a major update with a focus on new CSS layout systems! Chapter 8 has been renamed Responsive Layout Basics! This chapter introduces the new CSS Flexbox Layout and CSS Grid Layout Systems.

The 5th edition continues to integrate HTML and CSS topics such as text configuration, color configuration, and page layout with an enhanced focus on the topics of design, accessibility, and Web standards.
The 5th edition is also available at, Barnes & Noble, and other popular booksellers!
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About the Author

Dr. Terry Morris

Dr. Terry Ann Morris has a unique background that combines both practical and academic experience with years of working in industry as well as many years teaching technology courses.

An award-winning instructor, her hands-on approach to teaching web design enables students to become productive quickly.
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A First Course in Web Design

The popular Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS textbook provides a foundation in the skills and concepts that web designers need:
  • Internet and Web concepts overview
  • Create web pages with HTML5
  • Configure color and text with CSS
  • Configure page layout with CSS including CSS Flexbox Layout and CSS Grid Layout.
  • Configure responsive images
  • Configure accessible multimedia
  • Apply Web Design Best Practices
  • Design accessible and usable web pages
  • Design for search engine optimization
  • Choose a domain name
  • Publish to the Web

Instructor Materials

Comprehensive instructor materials are available for the Basics of Web Design HTML5 & CSS3 book.

Instructors and faculty can access free downloads of:

  • sample syllabi
  • exercise solutions
  • case study solutions
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • sample test questions
  • website project activity with milestone assignments
  • a group website design evaluation activity
  • a group WebQuest activity

Contact your Pearson Higher Ed Representative or visit Pearson Higher Ed Publishing for access to an evaluation copy and for more information about the textbook.