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Basics of Web Design
HTML5 & CSS3 Second Edition

Chapter 11 – Multimedia & Interactivity Basics

Videos and sounds on your web pages can make them more interesting and informative. This chapter introduces you to working with multimedia and interactive elements on web pages. Methods to add audio, video, and Flash to your web pages are introduced. Sources of these media types, the HTML code needed to place the media on a web page, and suggested uses of the media are discussed. You'll also create an interactive image gallery with CSS and explore new CSS3 properties. Adding the right touch of multimedia and interactivity to a web page can make it engaging and compelling for your visitors.

Audio & Video

Conversion to Ogg Theora Codec

Free Online Video Converters

Media, Accessibility & Standards

Adobe Flash

Easy Ways to Use Multimedia


CSS3 Transform Property

CSS3 Transition Property

HTML5 Canvas Element

HTML5 Design Guidelines

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Review Games

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Browser Plug-ins

Web Sources of Media Files




Once you are familiar with JavaScript, a next step is to explore JQuery — which is cross-browser JavaScript library that makes it easy to add special effects such as slideshows to a web page.



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